We went on a trip to wales on wednesday the 14th September and we all had to meet up at the vangabonds social club for 8.30am as the bus be ready to leave at 9am. So we got on the coach with all the vibe ready to start our journey to wales langolin to go on a barge boat. Once we finally got there we all got off the coach and once everyone was rdy we had a little walk to do and had to climb a really big hill that was tiring, when we got there we all had a toilet stop before going on the boat. When everyone was ready we all helped each other to get on the boat then this horse was pulling us along the lake it was so relaxing i realky enjoyed it and so did the vibe. It was funny getting pulled bk as the horse kept stopping to eat leaves thrn the rope fell in the water collecting weed which was splashing at people. Once we stopped and got of theNeed

boat we went the tea cafe for our lunch it was lovely and the people giving us our dinner were very nice when everyone finished we had 2 hours to spare so we had a walk around the shops untill 4pm then we all met up at the coach in the car park ready to go home was s brilliant day.

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