We had to find a venue that would accommodate us every month on a Friday night. It was surprising how many places wouldn’t allow us to do that, but The Vagabonds Lawn Tennis Club did. Based on Queens Drive, L13 we found it easy for people travelling from anywhere across the city to get to us. Every month we choose a different theme. We put a lot of work into this event, decorating the room, making costumes, sorting the raffle and arranging food on the night.

As the months went by we had more and more people attending, with an average now of about 80 people enjoying themselves in a safe and friendly environment. Last Christmas we sold 125 tickets, Santa didn’t know where to turn to! Halloween is also another big one for us and everyone makes an effort with their costume.

We invite performers to join us as well, Vibe members love a good old sing song. One of our most popular nights was our tribute to Freddy Mercury and Queen.  The roof nearly came off when we all stood up and sang ‘We will rock you’

We are very lucky to receive donations of raffle prizes from lots of friends and supporters. This helps us raise money on the evening to cover costs.

Our DJ is Ken, and he is resident DJ at The Vagabonds. He puts a great night on for us and our members love him. 

Entry cost is just £2, that’s for carers also and we provide free tea and coffee for them all night.

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