We currently have a core group of approximately 50 members.

We class a member as someone that regularly attends our events.

We celebrate each members’ birthday with a gift, cake and balloon.

Members will receive Easter Eggs and Christmas gifts. 

They also have the first offer on a day trip or event.

The age range within our group is vast, with our youngest being 19 and the eldest 80 plus.

We have a group of elderly ladies that join us regularly at Sunday Club. They travel from Whiston on a community bus and back again.

Alan, travels independently from Formby.

People travel from The Wirral to attend our monthly disco.

Jenny and Lee are peer mentors.

Our volunteers are;



Ben entertains us with his BSL signing to music

They all do a great job.

Wendy is our bingo caller, no one can beat her!

One thing is for sure, every member looks out for one another, all the time.