It is always important for us to keep talking to our members and seeing what other gaps we can fill. We started asking, what do you do of a weekend? Some people would do their shopping of a Saturday or visit family but on a Sunday, the answer was commonly, ‘we have a roast dinner’, hardly an activity and doesn’t keep anyone stimulated all day.

So we went looking for a venue and we also received funding from ‘Awards For All’ Lottery, to help us start up this service. This began in Oct 2017.

To date we average 40 people who join us and now get out on a Sunday between 11 and 3pm at Harthill Youth Centre, Wavertree.

We do all sorts of things here, craft, bingo, Zumba, art, circuit training, gardening, cookery but most importantly our group are meeting one another and making friends. We invite performers to come along and have met such lovely people, including Astrid and The Ukelele Aces.   

There is always a lively atmosphere here and everybody helps out with setting up and watching out for one another.

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